Top 10 most popular posts of 2015


This has been our first year of blogging here at StayCiao, a year in which we have started telling people about Italy through our articles on Puglia in southern Italy and the Eternal City, Rome. It has been a busy year made up of many surprises and achievements that you will hear all about in a post before Christmas. For the moment however, I am limited to writing this self congratulating post. I went to look at the blog statistics to find out which were the most read posts in 2015. I’ll point out below the posts for you to glance back over.

1) 3 must-see beach in Puglia Salento


An article in which I discovered 3 beautiful beaches in Puglia all within the same area of ​​the Ionian Sea: Porto Cesareo beach, Torre Lapillo beach and Punta Prosciutto beach.

2) Where are the best Gallipoli beaches in Puglia?


In this article I talked about 6 beaches in the Gallipoli area that I really enjoyed and that you must see if you’re here in Salento for vacation.

3) Where do the italians go for summer holiday and why


Have you ever wondered: where do the Italians go on holiday? The answer is that all Italians come to Salento to spend their summer holidays. But why?

4) Torre Lapillo among the ten most beautiful unknown beaches in the world


This year the Guardian has add the beautiful Torre Lapillo beach to the top 10 most beautiful undiscovered beaches in the world. And that is great news!

5) Facts and traditions about the Trevi fountain


La Dolce Vita, throwing coins, popes, Totò who sold the fountain, where the water comes from and much more are all talked about in this article on one of Rome’s most iconic landmarks: the Trevi Fountain.

6) 10 holidays houses and villas on the beaches of Salento


In this article I listed some of our houses and villas on Salento beach in Puglia, just to give you an idea of the holiday rentals on offer. This year will give you another update on new rentals.

7) A quick guide to the Roman Colosseum architecture


When you talk about the Colosseum you’re probably talking about the most famous monument in the world. In this article you’ll find a plan of the versions sections of the arena and more information from an architectural point of view.

8) Rome airports travellers guide: Fiumicino and Ciampino


We spend each year in the two airports of Rome whether for business or for pleasure, Italy’s principal hub and probably the airport you’ll arrive to Italy in.

9) Things to know about the Roman Colosseum


As well as the Trevi fountain, I also wrote an article about something you’re itching to know about the Colosseum: what is the meaning behind the Colosseum? How and why was it built?

10) Ancient Rome for kids: an insiders guide


In this article I asked for some help from J.M Pasquesi: how should I behave if I go to Rome with my children on holiday ? Read on for more information about this and also links to further reading.

Here are the top 10 most read articles this year on our blog. Thank you to so many of you for following this blog throughout 2015. There will be more interesting news and all our staff will continue to commit ourselves to telling you all of our bella Italia!

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