Campomarino di Maruggio beach in Salento


Campomarino di Maruggio, or just Campomarino, is a quiet town in the northern area of Salento, Puglia. It is located near the coastal tower Torre delle Moline, one of the hundreds of towers that run along the sea of Salento, which were used to spot the Saracens. However, this tower did not manage to prevent the raid of Maruggio in the seventeenth century! In this post, I will tell you further information about this touristic town, mostly peopled during summer, and I will show you the sandy beaches you can find just a few metres south from the tower. As regards the other beaches in the area, I will make another post you should definitely read, since I will reveal you an area of Salento, which is less known but incredibly charming …


Besides the Torre delle Moline, in Campomarino there also is a port which is the only available small port between Taranto and Porto Cesareo. If you are by boat, you should take into account that this is the only dock you can berth to in the area. The small port is divided into two areas: the one with the fishing boats, and the touristic part. There also is a restaurant in the middle.



Just behind the port, there is the Torre delle Moline: here’s some historic hints. It is also known as Torre delle Molinelle, probably because of the millstones produced on the lido. The tower communicates visibly with Torre Borraco and with the coastal tower on the promontory of Monte dell’Ovo. Torre delle Moline dates back to the sixteenth century. Now, it is located in the square called Piazzale Italia, commonly known by the citizens as the Rotonda or the Piazzetta. Near the tower, there is a plaque indicating that it is a free Wi-Fi area: I never tried this service, let me know if it works.




All around the old centre of Campomarino, you will find restaurants with sea view, cafés and some equipped beaches. Some of them are very nice and modern, I casted a glance at them while passing though with my Vespa. I stopped by a café in the town centre, on the street that leads to Maruggio, to try their coffee: I asked for an ice one, with almond milk. They did not prepare it themselves; instead, they put a cup of coffee, a glass with ice and the almond milk on the counter, and I practically had to pour and mix it myself. It never occurred to me, it is usually ready to drink. Expect for the price (1.70 €!!), it was ok. I would like to end this post with a beautiful picture of the beach of Campomarino taken from the dock of the small port, and I dream of being on that boat at sea…



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