A secret thing to see in Lecce: The Roman Theatre

In the heart of the historic centre of Lecce in Puglia, strolling down its alleys, you may come across some real masterpieces of culture and art. There is a secret place, very big in terms of size albeit invisible, a few steps from the Duomo and from Piazza Sant’Oronzo yet one usually passes by it […]

A Castle to visit in Lecce: Carlo V Castle

I like to walk through the streets in the historic centre of Lecce very much. I usually pass there to take a look at houses for rent for the holidays or welcoming structures such as B&Bs and holiday homes belonging to my clients and real estate partners. And I realise always more that strolling through […]

Top 3 things you absolutely must see in Otranto

Besides its beautiful beaches, Otranto has many other things to offer you: it is definitely one of the most beautiful sea towns of Salento and of Puglia in general. There are many of them, such as Gallipoli, Santa Maria di Leuca, Castro and Porto Cesareo, but Otranto has a different kind of charm. It is […]

Top 3 things you absolutely must see in Lecce

The historical centre of Lecce in Puglia is big and beautiful: hundreds of alleys, winding streets which get lost among the Baroque buildings, made in Lecce stone (pietra leccese), with ornate balconies, courtyards full of flowers, and dozens of churches that appear all of a sudden. The most beautiful thing about Lecce, in my opinion, […]

The Roman amphitheater in Lecce

Lecce’s historical character is expressed by its historical center, rich in cultural and architectural marvels of the past. However, if I had to identify the symbol of Lecce’s ancient origins, I believe it would be exactly its Roman Amphitheatre in Piazza Sant’Oronzo, the core of the city. Just think that, until the last century, no […]

Where do the italians go for summer holiday and why

If there’s one time every year when all we Italians drop everything and go on holiday it’s the summer. For us ‘summer holidays’ mean almost without exception going to the sea: sunbathing, lying on the beach, relaxing in the warm water. It’s a tradition that goes back generations: heading for the sea for your summer […]

Facts and traditions about the Trevi Fountain

There are lots of stories about the fountain, and it couldn’t be otherwise for a monument in Rome that represents not just the city but Italy to people around the world. Unforgettable film sequences have been filmed at the Trevi fountain and numerous superstitions and legends have formed around it, too. We’ll take a look […]