The 10 most beautiful Salento beaches in Puglia

In this period many of you are asking me: Fabio, which are the best beaches in Salento, Puglia? Which are the most beautiful, famous, dreamy beaches with fine, white sand? I have decided to compile my personal top 10 list, divided almost equally between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea. They are all sandy […]

Flights to Brindisi and to Salento Airport in Puglia

To reach the south of Puglia, the area known as Salento, the closest airport is the Salento Airport in Brindisi. At present, the airport is connected to the following European country: Belgium, France, Germany, England, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland.  Furthermore, the airport is well connected to the main Italian cities. With this post I introduce […]

Top 3 half day negroamaro wine tours in Puglia

Only one of the many things to do in Puglia? Visiting a winery is a suggestion I strongly recommend if you are passionate about food and wine. Puglia is a land which is rich in wines, especially red and rosé wines. It is, in fact, the homeland, of two grape varieties, which are very important […]

Where do the italians go for summer holiday and why

If there’s one time every year when all we Italians drop everything and go on holiday it’s the summer. For us ‘summer holidays’ mean almost without exception going to the sea: sunbathing, lying on the beach, relaxing in the warm water. It’s a tradition that goes back generations: heading for the sea for your summer […]