Where are the Maldives of Salento in Puglia?


Considering that every year you ask us at the agency in Torre Lapillo beach: “Where are the Maldives of Salento?”. Furthermore, “How are the Maldives of Salento?”. I want to help you by explaining everything in this short guide post on the Maldives of Salento in southern Puglia, one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. The Maldives of Salento are located in Pescoluse, a seaside town being one of the marine of Salve, a small village in the Southern Salento. Pescoluse is located between Torre Vado and Torre Pali, on the Ionian coast of Salento. To make it easier geographically, the Maldives of Salento are located along the coast between Gallipoli and Santa Maria di Leuca, much closer to the latter as they are only about 10 km away.

How are the Maldives of Salento?

As far as I know, some people mean by Maldives of Salento only the beach just north of Pescoluse where the eponymous seaside resort Maldives of Salento is (I wish to thank for providing me with the pictures in this post). While others identify the entire beach going from Torre Pali to Pescoluse untill Torre Vado with this name. Anyway, the matter does not change, the beach is always the same, even if close to Pescoluse it creates amazing color effects. It’s a sandy beach with small dunes and crystal clear water, as indeed all over Salento. The coastline of this area is low and sandy, about 5 km long, in some areas there are even karst caves. The area is suitable for those who want to spend a holiday relaxing on the beach. If you want to stay in this area, we suggest looking for flats and houses rented by individuals and agencies. There are also several hotels, bed and breakfasts, just a little inland, farmhouses and campings.

How can you reach the Maldives of Salento?

So, once I have found out that the Maldives of Salento are in Pescoluse, how do I get there? You are certainly going to come from the north, considering that you couldn’t arrive from anywhere else as we are in the final part of Puglia. Once in Lecce, you have two options available. A) Route option 1: from Lecce take the highway SS101 up to Gallipoli, continue along the SS274 towards Santa Maria di Leuca. Once you reach Ugento, start pricking up your ears: when you reach Salve, turn right and follow the signs to Pescoluse. This route is 77 kilometers long. B) Route option 2: from Lecce take the highway SS16 to Maglie, there continue along the SS275 towards Santa Maria di Leuca. Once you reach Montesardo, after Alessano, turn towards Ruggiano > Salve > Pescoluse. This route is 69 kilometers long. Of the two routes I suggested, as you have read, the first is longer, but I think it’s also a bit faster. As for the beach, you’ll need a car to reach it. You can park in one of the many sea resorts along the coast. To get an idea, you can check the hundreds of comments on TripAdvisor. Please write your views on the Maldives of Salento in the comments of this post!

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