Where is Puglia in Italy? And Salento?


Puglia is very well known in Italy, but when I happen to talk with you foreign people, I realize that it is not the same in the rest of the world. When speaking of Italy, you probably think of Rome, Florence and Venice at first. This is absolutely normal, since me too would visit those unique and wonderful cities of art when first going to Italy. But if you like the sea and the beautiful countryside of Italy, then you have to start studying Puglia and its most southern area, called Salento. In this article, I will better explain where this hot, new destination is located in Italy.

Where is Puglia located?

Puglia is a southern region of Italy. It is usually best referred to as “Italy’s heel”. This is for you to better remember it: if Italy is a boot, then Puglia is its heel. The region is in part connected to the rest of the boot, in part composed of a peninsula called Salento, which is the proper heel. Just as all the southern regions, it has a mediterranean climate, with lots of plantations of ancient olive trees and vineyards and 500 miles of coastline!

Which are the main areas of Puglia?
Once, Puglia was referred to as “Le Puglie”, in plural form, as to highlight the fact that several environments coexist in this region. It could not be otherwise, since it is very long. From the north there is the Gargano, a peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, which is the most mountainous area of Puglia. Going southwards, there is a wide level ground called Tavoliere, which widens from Foggia to Bari. Further southwards, there is the Murgia, a hilly area dotted with the trulli of Valle d’Itria. Its most southern area is the Salento, the ending peninsula of Puglia.

Distance from the main Italian cities
Here’s a list of the distances from the main Italian cities. The distances are calculated from Bari and Lecce, Puglia’s most important cities. This way, you will better realize how long does it take to arrive in Puglia, and perhaps you will plan an alternative weekend in one of Italy’s most beautiful and genuine regions.

  • Distance Rome > Bari: 450 km
  • Distance Rome > Lecce: 600 km
  • Distance Florence > Bari: 700 km
  • Distance Florence > Lecce: 850 km
  • Distance Bologna > Bari: 670 km
  • Distance Bologna > Lecce: 820 km
  • Distance Venice > Bari: 800
  • Distance Venice > Lecce: 950 km
  • Distance Milan > Bari: 880 km
  • Distance Milan > Lecce: 1000 km
  • Distance Naples > Bari: 250 km
  • Distance Naples > Lecce: 400 km

Puglia’s main arrival points
I will write a more detailed post about how to arrive in Puglia, but I will now hint at some important entry points. If you arrive by plane, you have to consider that there are two main airports in Puglia: Bari (Airport Karol Wojtyla) and Brindisi (Airport of Salento). Airports run several direct flights to the main European cities. Otherwise, if you already are in Italy, you can choose train: from Rome, you arrive in Lecce in about 5 and a half hours, by the train called “Frecciargento”.

Now that you know where Puglia is, keep following my blog to plan your trip to the best!

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