Punta Prosciutto in Puglia is among the 29 most beautiful beaches in the world


It gives you a pleasant feeling when the most important newspapers and magazines in the world write that your beach is among the most beautiful ones … in the world! It had already happened with the beach where I was born in Torre Lapillo, when The Guardian listed it among the 10 most beautiful little-known beaches in the world. Now its the nearby beach of Punta Prosciutto’s turn: this time it’s The Telegraph that mentioned it, saying that Punta Prosciutto is among the 29 most beautiful beaches … in the world!


The article begins by stating that some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy are in Puglia, particularly in the area that goes from Manduria, mainly known for its Primitivo wine, to Avetrana and then right down to Porto Cesareo. They call Punta Prosciutto “Ham Point” which is its literal translation. According to The Telegraph, the location is “very informal”, full of families that come from Lecce, Taranto and Bari, to spend a day in the sun, at the beach, in this exceptional corner of Puglia.



If you think that I have written about this beach so many times, posting both mine and other traveler’s photos. Let me give you some links that describe the beach better. To begin with, I will re-post this video I took six years ago. Back in the day I used to go round with camera and video-camera in my rucksack to document what Salento was like and one of the places I stopped in was the beach of Punta Prosciutto, the one I spent my adolescence at. It is a “very informal” video with 170.000 views to date!

I posted lots of photos (much better than the one edited in The Telegraph!). Click here to see it. A guide on where to find the most beautiful beaches in the area is here: Where do I find the most beautiful beaches in Porto Cesareo, Torre Lapillo or Punta Prosciutto? I also wrote about other nearby beaches that are also beautiful: the beaches of Padula Fede, of Torre Colimena and of San Pietro in Bevagna. In any case, if you take a look at this blog you will find a lot more information about the area. Let’s not waste time talking about it and look at the photos of the sea in Punta Prosciutto …



I’ll leave you to it …


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